The Kawasaki Kid

My Next Challenge

My Next Challenge

I have finally got around to setting up my Just Giving page as a lot of people have been asking if I have one. So here it is….. “Kawasaki Kid Just Giving “

I will be running the 100km (62 miles) London to Brighton Challenge on the 26th May 2018 for Societi, the UK Kawasaki Foundation. I will try my hardest to spare you the boring running updates until at least after Christmas but its going to be hard because as a family we just love running. Not sure what we are running from (probably just running in circles us dopey lot)!

This will be by far the hardest and most testing challenge I have done so far, and I have done a few. I have always dealt with physical pain quite well (childbirth being the exception, that was f*cking awful). Exercise is my therapy, it is my release. I love pushing my body to see what it is capable of. I do it when I am feeling down and when I am feeling happy. It literally lifts me, I forget, I make plans, I solve problems. I know a lot of people hate running, but to me its euphoric. I like the feeling of pushing through pain, the determination it takes to make your body achieve something even when it is hurting. When you get to the end of a run, a challenge, a race or event exhausted, you can’t think, your problems don’t matter, you just feel exhilarated.

I wasn’t always this way…… My housemates from Uni have barely recognised me over the last 12 years. Much to their amusement I am nothing like the bleached haired, heavily made up, drunken little rat bag they were constantly having to look after, take home and pick up off the floor. But, you’re only young once, and I would not change a second of my university years - they were hilarious. But we won’t go any further into my former self.

I look at the Kawasaki Kid and I think ahh YES you are going to achieve greatness, you have already overcome so much, you have the determination it takes to push yourself through pain barriers. You will be an incredible athlete, if that is what you choose to do. You only have to look at the Paralympics to see what people are capable of. I get so inspired by people and it changes the way I think. What have I got to moan about? Sometimes when I am running and it starts to hurt I say to myself “this isn’t pain, get on with it” and it works - it keeps me going and makes me push harder.

That is why I know no matter what pain I will encounter during the training for this event or during the actual race it cannot compare to the pain I feel in my heart and the unimaginable pain that my superhero has had to deal with. I know this will HURT I know that every inch of my body will ache and every muscle will tear but believe me when I say: “If I have to, I will drag, crawl, roll my body to the finish line regardless of bleeding and blistered feet - they will repair”.

Kawasaki disease is devastating and it has changed our whole world. It won’t take my love, my spirit, and my insanely raw passion and determination to raise much needed funds and awareness of this horrible disease.

Know the signs: early diagnosis and treatment is directly linked to improved outcomes. If a child has a persistent high fever and two or more of the below symptoms THINK KAWASAKI DISEASE:

Swollen fingers/toes Cracked lips/strawberry tongue Persistent fever Bloodshot eyes Rash Swollen glands

Not enough is known about Kawasaki disease, its symptoms or its treatment. Long term care for affected families is limited. Many doctors and parents are unaware of the disease. IT IS TIME WE CHANGED THAT!